As a project manager for the 12th largest builder in California I have had experience dealing with several biological assessment companies. Our relationship with Marcia Wolfe and her company, M.H. Wolfe and Associates, has been the extremely satisfactory. Marcia is highly respected by her both her colleagues and the staff of the county, state and federal agencies that I deal with processing projects.

I first employed Ms. Wolfe to complete a biological assessment that another firm was unable to complete satisfactorily. The assessment this firm had prepared was inaccurate and had the personal at governmental agencies confused as to what our project was and what impacts there would be. Ms. Wolfe was able to prepare a new assessment that was technically correct and easy to understand allowing my rather complicated project to continue. Ms. Wolfe was also able to contract and coordinate subcontractors to trap for endangered species and assist in the preparation of the required reports. Her professionalism has enabled me to meet my time requirements and allowed me to get my project back on schedule.

Other documents that Ms. Wolfe has prepared for our company:
– a conservation plan under Section lO(a) of the Federal Endangered Species Act;
– a Management Agreement and Section 2081 Permit for the California Department of Fish and Game.

In conclusion I would like to say that Ms. Wolfe has demonstrated professionalism and competence that is in my opinion, is unequaled in her field; I would not consider using another firm.