M. H. Wolfe and Associates (MHWA) truly values the future of our community, both on an ecological and social level. Our understanding is that education plays a key role in environmental management, which is why we reach out and make an effort to educate our community about the state of the environment, aiming to instill within Kern residents a deep appreciation for the nature that surrounds us. Marcia H. Wolfe, our CEO, has regularly contributed written  articles for “Valley Ag Voice”, a Kern county newspaper for agricultural enthusiasts,  to spread awareness and knowledge regarding our surroundings. Her articles have covered all kinds of subjects from bats to bees; if you would like to read one, click the following link: Who gives a hoot?

The youth will shape the future in all senses, and Kern county is no exception to that rule. This is why we make a definitive effort to offer educational opportunities for young people attending local schools, and support events that exist to spread scientific knowledge to future generations. In an attempt to address the disparity between men and women in science and technology based careers, we have participated and assisted in the instruction of GEMS classes (Girls Enjoying Math and Science). MHWA representatives have attended the Ridgeview High School science fair for the last two consecutive years to judge the outstanding science fair projects that students created. At this event, the company presented an informative booth meant to assist teens who may be interested in pursuing a career in biology. In addition to our high school student outreach, we teach outdoor education sessions at the bluffs for children in elementary schools that cannot afford Camp Keep, because it is never too early to learn about science and our natural surroundings.