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Save time

Don’t Waste Your Time and Money on a Drive-by Survey.

Helped Thousands of Clients Over the Course of 30 Years.

Guide and Support You Through the Labyrinth of California’s Rules and Regulations.

Quick Turn Around on Pre-construction and Metropolitan Bakersfield Habitat Conservation Plan Surveys and Reports.

We Put Boots on the Ground to Make Sure You Know Any Problems BEFORE They Happen.

Our Services Include

Surface Mining And Reclamation Act Program (SMARA)

Assistance with opening a new mine or closing an old mine no job is too big or too complicated.

Preconstruction Survey

A simple survey and letter report that allows ground breaking activities.


A more in depth report for an Initial Study, CUP, or zone change.

Bakersfield Habitat Conservation Plan

Assistance protecting the wildlife inside of the Metropolitan Bakersfield Habitat Conservation Plan area as well as assisting clients on moving forward with their project.


Watching for wildlife to protect the clients as they complete their projects.

Permits and Documentation

California Environmental Quality Act/ National Environmental Policy Act, Guidance through the mitigation measures, rules, and regulations of California’s toughest environmental Acts.

Bakersfield Cactus (Opuntia basilaris var. treleasei)

Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia)

San Joaquin Kit Fox (Vulpes macrotis mutica)

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