April 22, 2017, is the 47th anniversary of EARTH DAY!!

What is Earth Day anyway? It’s a celebration for appreciation of our dependence upon the earth and its environment- air, soils, water, plants and wildlife. We, humans the environment, are all interdependent upon each.

So, do something for the Earth, if only one little thing, if only for a day:

  • Plant a tree
  • Plant a native plant,…. or plant anything
  • Take a short shower
  • Don’t smoke a cigarette
  • Get your vehicle tuned up
  • Take your used motor oil to be recycled
  • Teach your children to recycle
  • Don’t throw trash on the ground
  • Pick up someone else’s trash?!

If you can do it once, try doing it more often! Celebrate our interdependence with care and support.


M.H. Wolfe and Associates Environmental Consulting, Inc. in the Bakersfield Magazine – April 14, 2015 – Download